Sunshine, Smiles and Fair Food

Over the Victoria Day long weekend I took my step kids to the Cloverdale Rodeo.   They  had never attended this event so it was a new adventure, which I was thrilled to share with them.

This is a notoriously expensive outing so I did my research. I got their ride passes at IGA the day before for $29 rather than the $40 gate price. I was also able to save on parking by arriving early and taking advantage of a church fundraiser, $5 parking. Whoot whoot! That’s a $27 savings


Cloverdale Rodeo Map

We arrived at 10:30am on Saturday just shortly after the gates had opened.  It was perfect because it was warm but not too hot, and it wasn’t busy yet.  We started in the Midway enjoying the rides, the kids were able to ride without waiting in line.  We spent about an hour and a half there before it was it was time to stop and refuel.

The food court had so many many tempting choices it was hard for us to make up our minds.  The kids decided on chicken tenders, and macaroni from Reel Mac and Cheese.  The macaroni was a generous serving size making it a good value, plus it was tasty!   We were able to find a shady spot to enjoy our lunch and the musical entertainment.

After lunch we took a walk IMG_9760browsing the  various shops and displays, providing us time to digest before going back on the rides.  During this time we made a stop at the Agri Zone, here we were able to check out reptiles, exotic birds, and various other farm animals.  I understand that the BC Exotic Bird Society, and special reptile display were new to the fair this year, a popular addition in our books.  Highlights included; feeding a tortoise, holding a snake, watching a cow be milked, and having a love bird and parrot perch on our arms.

Once we finished in the Agri Zone it was time for more rides, but by this time the clouds had burnt off, and the crowds had arrived.   They enjoyed the rides for another 30 minutes before the sun and the crowds were too much.   We left shortly after this but not before enjoying an elephant ear, and of course cotton candy. ( I did have to clarify that we wouldn’t be eating an actual elephant ear, but instead a delicious deep fried pastry covered with sugary goodness.)

We spent five hours at the fair, overall I give the day a 9 out of 10.  We enjoyed the animal exhibits and the ride variety was satisfactory. I would have liked to see more vendors, and perhaps some buskers, rather than so many carnival games. I can’t give the Cloverdale Rodeo all the credit, I  was fortunate enough to spend the day with two amazing kids. Listening to their opinions and insights, and sharing in their wonder and curiosity makes each day a new adventure.



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