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Shannon Sawicki, I am an Office, Social & Marketing Coordinator with The Great Little Box Company, a group fitness leader with the city of Richmond, and a certified personal trainer. My blog focuses on my personal journey juggling, fitness, family, and fun. Along the way I will share personal insights, goals, race reviews, product reviews, recipes, music, book reviews and any other adventures that might be happening in my life.

In 2003 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), after an abusive relationship. To help manage and control the symptoms of the disorder, my councilor suggested that I incorporate fitness into my daily routine. Once I started, I never looked back. The results were incredible – the symptoms became more manageable, and I started to like myself again. Fitness helped me uncover my personal strength, provided me with the guidance and self-reflection to regain my confidence, and rebuild myself. My hope is that by sharing my experiences and reflections, I can inspire others to find a healthy outlet to help them work through their struggles.

My Mission Statement:

  • I will be a force of positive change
  • I will inspire others to greatness by being a catalyst for action, by developing a shared vison of what is possible.
  •  I will strive to continually invent the future out of my imagination, rather than being a victim of my past

 My Bio:

In addition to a full time career I am also a former LuluLemon Ambassador, and fit model for Sugoi performance apparel. I aspire to one day be an author, and speaker.  In 2014 I fell in love with running, and since then I have completed 4 half marathons. I hold group fitness, spin & personal trainer certifications, and have been teaching for 8 years.
In 2005 I completed my Marketing Management Certificate- Professional Sales at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). In 2008 I followed up and completed an Associates Certificates in Office Computer Skills, and Entrepreneurial Management. In 2007 I made the move to The Great Little Box Company, and began my career with a company that shares the same values.  The Great Little Box Company supported me on my journey to a become Personal Trainer,  and provided the resources which enabled me to launch my own personal training business.  I have been providing annual company paid personal training to the employees of the GLBC since 2007, in addition to a corporate boot camp.

I thrive on being busy, between juggling work, family, teaching, and training I still try to make time for fun. After years solitary early morning workouts and training, I needed a change. In 2014 I made it one of my personal goals to participate in 3 organized runs, and I became hooked.

The Three “D’s”


  • This website is all about my personal journey. Hopefully, some of the content on this website will inspire you to pursue your own fitness journey. However I am in no way responsible for any injuries. Please always consult your family physician before starting or changing a physical routine.


  • This website, and my social media feeds are snapshots of my life, which I am choosing to share.  I am by no means perfect, and neither is my life, it’s a hectic, complicated, beautiful mess.  I have bad days, feel overwhelmed, get sick, feel bad about myself, and over indulge. Sometimes I might choose to share one of those snapshots, but more often than not I will choose to share the fun, uplifting, positive snapshots. I am a real person, with day-to-day struggles, just like everyone else, with that come the good, the bad and the ugly.  Whether you choose to follow along, or just stop in for a visit, I thank you for your time because I understand that is not something we have an abundance of.


  • I do love comments and feedback.  However, any slander, abuse, rude or inappropriate comments will not be approved.

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